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Middle East Geological and Environmental Establishment

MEGE is a consulting company that makes exploration and production studies for the hydrocarbon industry in the Middle East . We offer comprehensive Petroleum Geology reports on each country in the Middle East and North Africa . We also have Basin Data and Evaluation Packages and studies on reservoirs and source rocks.

Our reports consist of collated, updated, reviewed and evaluated of data designed to help evaluate prospective areas and potential land positions.

The History of MEGE

The Middle East Geological Establishment is in a unique position to synthesize the geology of the different countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We have a comprehensive data base, in addition to in-house and consulting reports. Much of these data have not previously been synthesized into the modern exploration framework that we provide our report on the Petroleum Geology of each of the countries in Middle East representing a comprehensive compilation of the Geology and hydrocarbon potential of those country available to date.

These reports should be invaluable to explorationists who require a comprehensive review and understanding of the potential of the area. The writers used all available open-file geologic data; represent the most comprehensive regional study available for the areas. The results of each study are synthesized into a comprehensive text, and a series of figures, also bibliography was prepared that covers the region.