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Middle East Geological and Environmental Establishment


MEGE will conduct special research for companies with particular interests in the Middle East


We create special reports on:

Recent Carbonates and Evaporites of Abu Dhabi

Oligocene Carbonates Outcrop

Petroleum Geology of the Middle East


Existing reports include:

Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East

UAE Future Potential

Kuwait Petroleum System

Iraq; Kirkuk Group Iraq; NE Iraq; Mesopotamian Basin Iraq;

Asmari - Iran & UAE ; Iran Zagros

Oman; Yemen Sedimentary Basins

Egyptian Basins; Libyan Basins; North Africa & Red Sea Basins

Petroleum Systems of Arabian Plate

Country of the month Currently Iraq is our focus

Northern UAE hidden potential Offshore and onshore of UAE and it's potential as a gas exploration target interests our clients (for more details contact us sharhana@emirates.net.ae)

Iraq's time must come We are bullish on Iraq

Khuff of the Gulf Region Another part of the section we recommend to our clients (for more details contact us sharhana@emirates.net.ae)